Overview of Services

Your own HR can provide HR support and solutions for your business whether :

  • You don’t have ‘your own’ HR department
  • You require additional, specialist HR support or special cases or projects
  • You need HR services on an ad-hoc basis only
  • You are employing staff for the first time

As a business owner, you will appreciate how good HR practice can protect you from risks (such as employment tribunal claims or negative employee image), as well as ensuring that you remain attractive as an employer and retain your employees skills and commitment to benefit your business.

Your own HR can provide the following solutions that will ensure your approach to people management remains up to date and can measurably add value to your success:

General HR Support

Sometimes you need the reassurance or guidance of an expert third party on day to day people management matters. Once we have got to know your business, Your own HR can provide quick, professional advice to any immediate HR issues that you may come across in your day to day business.

As employment practice and legislation changes occur regularly and the associated risks heighten, business owners will understand that it’s important to ensure that any decisions you make or action you take in relation to HR matters are up to date in terms of validity and appropriateness.

Whether it’s a quick call or email, or a short meeting to discuss how you move forward with a particular issue, Your own HR will provide you with prompt advice on any day to day , general HR issues that you need guidance on.

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HR Policies and Practice

Maintaining HR policies and practices to ensure that they remain robust, up to date and compliant with legislation is vital for your business; out of date or non-existent policies or practices can expose you to grievances and legal claims for employees and result in you spending time and resources HR matters that might be more efficiently managed. Employment legislation and industry changes drive best practice in HR; our expertise in these areas can ensure that you are applying the most relevant and fit-for-purpose HR solutions to benefit your business.

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HR Health Check

Starting afresh or considering your current HR practices in their entirety is a good way to make sure you have everything in place to ensure your HR activities both protect and add value to your business. An HR Health Check will look at your current HR practice at each stage of the employment life cycle and make recommendations for improvements or implementation of new practices.

From vacancy management to exit procedures, a comprehensive approach to managing your staff can be a key factor in your businesses overall success.

A full HR Health Check will involve a detailed meeting with selected personnel. The check will make recommendations on how you can improve performance, add value and make savings via good HR practice.

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HR Projects

At times of organisational change or development; as a business owner you will be aware that it is vital to consider HR and employee relations implications of your organisational changes. You will understand that getting this right first time will help you achieve successful transition from present to desired business position.

Specialist project support and advice from Your own HR can help you ensure your business uses the most appropriate methods to support your change and development initiatives.

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HR Training

Your own HR can design and deliver a range of HR / People Management courses for business managers and / or employees. Training can be delivered on or off site, evenings and weekends, and can vary from in-depth sessions to overview sessions.

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HR Partnership

If you would like to establish a longer term HR Partnership, for example receiving regular consultancy hours for a fixed fee or to work together on longer term projects, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, every effort will be made to support you.
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