HR Health Check

Starting afresh or considering your current HR practices in their entirety is a good way to make sure you have everything in place to ensure your HR activities both protect and add value to your business. An HR Health Check will look at your current HR practice at each stage of the employment life cycle and make recommendations for improvements or implementation of new practices.

From vacancy management to exit procedures, a comprehensive approach to managing your staff can be a key factor in your businesses overall success.

A full HR Health Check will involve a detailed meeting with selected personnel. The check will make recommendations on how you can improve performance, add value and make savings via good HR practice. Examples of what will be reviewed during Health Check :

  • Recruitment Practice / Vacancy Management
  • Employee Records Management
  • Learning and Development Activities
  • Employee Relations and Communication Activities
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Employee Health and Wellbeing Activities
  • Retention Activities
  • HR Measurement
  • Leavers Process

The content and approach of the Health Check will vary depending on your business objectives. It may be a one to one meeting with key leaders, or a more rounded approach, for example, meeting with selected employees.
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