General HR Support

Sometimes you need the reassurance or guidance of an expert third party on day to day people management matters. Once we have got to know your business, Your own HR can provide quick, professional advice to any immediate HR issues that you may come across in your day to day business.

As employment practice and legislation changes occur regularly and the associated risks heighten, business owners will understand that itís important to ensure that any decisions you make or action you take in relation to HR matters are up to date in terms of validity and appropriateness.

Whether itís a quick call or email, or a short meeting to discuss how you move forward with a particular issue, Your own HR will provide you with prompt advice on any day to day , general HR issues that you need guidance on.

For example:

  • Dealing with immediate employee conduct issues (e.g reacting to on-site incidents promptly)
  • Dealing with disciplinary matters
  • Dealing with attendance issues (e.g. sickness absence or AWOL)
  • Responding to employee grievances or employment tribunal papers
  • Providing advice on how to deal with employee matters covered by common personnel issues such as:
    • Maternity / Paternity / Flexible Working Rights
    • Employee Rights
    • Employee Welfare Issues
    • Annual Leave / Holiday Pay Issues
    • Working hours
    • Pay Entitlements
    • Employee Complaints
    • Employee Conflict
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Your Own HR