To ensure no conflict of interest with any other client (person or company), employer or professional relationship, it is necessary for organisation names to be provided from the outset.

Without this information it cannot be guaranteed that no conflict will exist therefore it will not be possible to proceed with enquiries that omit this information.

If a potential conflict of interest is deemed to exist, customers will be advised in general terms that their enquiry cannot be proceeded with. Please note there may be a number of reasons whereby a conflict of interest may exist, for example :

Prospective customers are kindly requested to consider this when making contact for the first time.

HR advice is not legal advice, but can still be of value to you in common employment matters.

Details of individualís or organisationís names will not be disclosed beyond Your own HR and the person/organisation making contact.

This practice will help maintain the intergrity of the professional HR advice being provided as well as ensuring all customers are getting the best, independent advice.

Your own HR operates under Sole Trader Status.

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